• WorkHunters
  • Przytoczna, Poland
  • Apr 24, 2024
Full time Warehouse

Job Description


Please write to whatsapp or viber at +380680167549.

We can make 2 types of visa. You can choose any one visa, that suits you:

*D05B (seasonal visa) - costs 1000 USD. It is issued for 1 year, you can work on it for 270 days. After the visa expires, you will need to leave Poland.

Payment ADVANCE (400 USD), after payment we begin to process it. The second part is 300 USD when the work permit is ready. The third part is 300 USD when you get your visa.

*D06 (voivodship visa) - costs 1500 USD. You can work on it for 1 year. After the expiration of the visa, you can apply for a residence card (TRC).

Payment ADVANCE (500 USD), after payment we begin to process it. The second part is 500 USD when the work permit is ready. The third part is 500 USD when you get your visa.

City of work: Przytoczna (45 km from Gorzów Wielkopolski)

Position: Warehouse worker

Experience: No experience, but be prepared to work with a scanner
Polish language: Without knowledge of the language

Rate: PLN 22.36 net/hour. 
Prizes for the quality of work and attendance up to PLN 400 gross. Pay by the 15th of every month.

5-6 days a week in 2 shifts (6-18, 18-6). Work 12 hours a day, but with the possibility of decreasing up to 8 hours depending on the needs of the warehouse
Breaks - 30 minutes and 15 minutes
Work from Mon to Fri (also available on weekends)

Provided free of charge in Gorzów-Wielkopolski. Supplement for own accommodation - PLN 300 net, which can be used to pay in grocery stores.

Employee Responsibilities:
Working with a scanner (Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, English), order picking and barcode scanning. Maintenance of forklifts

Reception, display of goods. Carriers bring large boxes, where people receive the goods, open the boxes and take them to their places in the warehouse. Use high schools which facilitate work.

Collection of goods. Workers with scanners collect goods from the shelves to their university and take the goods for packaging.

Package. Goods that were brought earlier by employees are packed and go further down the line.

Sending. Packs of goods go along the line from the previous department, the employee needs to scan the pack and take it to a special box, the number of which is written on the pack.

Quality control. Employees control that all parcels in the box are placed correctly. It is necessary to scan each parcel with a number

Additional Information:
Training takes place over 3-5 days on day shifts. It is possible to transfer to another department.
The company has a canteen where you can buy tea, coffee, as well as machines with sandwiches (up to PLN 12). You must bring your own lunch.
Work clothes are provided free of charge, namely T-shirt, trousers and comfortable work boots. Everyone has their own locker.


English, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian